Finding Your Tribe By Melayne Spataro

There’s not really a set-in stone time layout in how long it takes to find your tribe, someone might be a friend that you have had since kindergarten and someone else might be someone you met several months ago or even a few weeks ago. Though there are some things that may differ from person to person on what they’re looking for in someone who is part of their tribe.

A key component of finding your tribe is something that you have to do before even finding them, though it carries on once you’ve already found your tribe. And that is you have to love yourself and be your authentic self. If you love yourself, it kinda attracts the people that you want to surround yourself with to you.

Along with loving yourself comes knowing who are. If you know who you are then its likely gonna be difficult to know what you want the people around you to be like. There’s a quote that reminds me of having the knowledge of who you are and it basically says that if you don’t know what you stand for then you’re going to fall for everything. So, you have to know who you are and have love for yourself before you can ever find your tribe, though once you find your tribe and you are in a time of doubt your tribe is going to be there to help pick you up.

First on the list should be setting out a list of what you are looking for in someone who is going to be part of your inner circle. These often times are the non-negotiables of what you want in a friend, but, if not, at least should be a list of qualities that others have and that you want to surround yourself with. Before actually going through the list of qualities that you want in others, I suggest making sure that you have the same qualities that are on the list. Otherwise, it’s kinda hypocritical if you don’t exhibit the same qualities.

Kinda going off of the first thing is definitely trying out new things or attending events. There are numerous things out there to do or to try, just gotta find one to start with. By doing these things you could possibly find people who have similar interests to yours and would likely go to or attend something similar with you later on down the road. Even if you do something that you ended up not enjoying, that’s still something that you at least tried and you wouldn’t have known you don’t enjoy that activity or event if you had not gone out and done it.

One way that you can find people similar to you that isn’t by doing something in person is by using the internet, primarily by the use of social media. By using social media, you can find and be found by people who have similar interests of yours. Maybe it’s wanting to go on a road trip or some other travel adventure or a book club or one of the numerous hobbies or events that exist that you are interested in. There are plenty of people out there that might be, and probably are, looking for more like-minded individuals to be friends with. You just might be surprised as to how many people interact with you on what you are trying to do or being a part of.

Having your tribe should help your overall wellbeing and growth. The people that are in your tribe should be people that are willing to push you in the sense that they know that you can do better and want to help you become that person. Though there may be people that are no longer part of your tribe, just know that they have served their purpose for the time that they were part of your tribe and now are at a point where they need to be with the people that they need in their live. Because people do come in and out of your life and are there for certain periods of time to be what you need for either that time or for something you learn as a lesson later on after they are no longer part of your tribe. It’s alright that some people are no longer part of your tribe, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be someone else or multiple people that will become part of your tribe. Keep going forward with the people that are in your tribe currently, others will come when they are needed in your life.