SexCraft is a revolutionary podcast the combines the love of crafting and creating with the need for normalizing sex education. Real sex therapists, Dr. Harmony and the Unicorn, destigmatize sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction and masturbation using erotic art and humor.

SexCraft’s goals include:

1. Normalize sexual topics in conversation
2. Engage people with funny commentary
3. Educate listeners on sex positivity
4. Empower individuals to own their sexuality
5. Showcase how to create erotic art

Patsy Evans, L.M.H.C., Ph.D., A.P.

Ph.D. – A.P. – L.M.H.C.

Dr. Patsy Evans a.k.a. Dr. Harmony is one of Florida’s leading Clinical Sexologists and Professional Neutrals. She brings her unique blend of skills and education specializing in Kink Culture and Sexuality, Relationship Counseling, Executive, Leadership and Business Coaching, Traumatology, Crisis Management, Dispute Resolution, Diplomatic Relations, and Negotiation, and Corporate Culture Transformation. Dr. Evans is the founder of the Kink Aware Therapy Certification Institute and President of Kommunity Software.

Through her own personal experiences and her unique insights, she has forged an extraordinarily successful methodology designed to give you direction and keep you focused on your goals.

Let Dr. Harmony teach you how to face trauma and transform it into triumph.

verified by Psychology TodayPatsy Evans LMHC, AP, PHD verified by 

License Numbers:  AP1453       MH10407     ADR26196F

Wendi “Nicki” Line

“The Healing Unicorn”

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Coach

I have worked in the mental health field for over 8 years both in inpatient care and private practice. I have experience in working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families.  I received my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Liberty University. 

I specialize in love, sexual, and relationship positivity, as well as addiction counseling, for individuals, couples, and families. At times this can get clouded with negative past experiences or trauma. I use several techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing), sand tray play therapy, and a systematic and collaborative approach to facilitate a deeper healing. I celebrate diversity, responsibility and individual choice. I am Kink Aware, Poly Friendly, and work with the LGBTQ+ communities. I am a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor with extensive training in clinical sexology and addiction combined with experience counseling in the inpatient and private practice settings. I received my board certification in sex therapy from Therapist Certification Association in Miami, Fl. Florida is the only state with education requirements for sex therapy.

Using the systematic and collaborative approach I consider all the parts of your relationship(s) and yourself. Behaviors and relationships do not occur in a vacuum. We are all influenced by various people, places, and things in our lives. When working with me I will be asking you about all the areas in your life and how they may be helping or hindering you. Also, I will challenge you, this helps foster empowerment and confidence. You are the best expert on you, I am there to help guide and facilitate treatment for you and your relationships to become as healthy and positive as possible.

Florida License MH16883